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Photo:  Miao Minority - Mother & Daughter 

A Zhuang Minority Testimony 


“This world is full of suffering.  Lord Jesus is our harbor of wind and storms.  He may give you peace, flowing out to our hearts forever more!”                                                     Joshua Li

I was born in a picturesque, mountainous, riverine village up in the Guangxi province in the township of Baize . Our village’s beautiful scenery was preserved because of backwardness of our transportation system which normally causes pollution and spillover effect from tourism.  My family resides in the district of Tien Dong, surrounded by mountains. Because of lack of flatland, people work on the ladder fields to bring a harvest for food.  A rich harvest would be able to store food.  A poor one would we have to rely on maize.  I am the eldest son in the family.  I shared my chores in the field when I was young.  I grew up in this closed mountainous region.  When I was 17, I was working hard to provide for myself and the family as richly as my ancestors had done.

In the year 2000, my younger sister has leukemia. This has impact my family tremendously. My sister heard the Gospel and was converted to Christianity in the hospital.  Two months later, my sister went to heaven with the Lord.  She was the youngest in my family and my mother could not recover from the pain of losing her.  She had therefore incurred mental illness.  My family also had to pay back 76,000 RMB hospital costs which was a heavy burden for us.  Me and my brother had to stop school to support the family.  My life was filled with pain and distress.

In the year 2001, my mom has become a Christian. She was attracted by the testimonies of her Christian friends and she began to attend church meetings regularly. The church meeting was 2 kilometer away from home.  Since I cared for my mom very much, I began to ride bicycle to carrying her back and forth from the meetings.  In this endeavor, I also had become a Christian.  Most of the members of this church were elderly folks and they needed young people like me to help out in church ministry.  The church elders cared about me very much and they wanted to send me to theological school to become a pastor.  However, I rejected this idea and I was only 18 at that time.  I had a lot of dreams for my future.  I wanted to make more money.  I also wanted to join the military.  These were the only ways I could leave this village.  I thought I could make more money to pay off my family debt and let them have a better life.  My father’s fellow soldier friend would be able to help me to serve in the military. I was waiting and waiting until winter comes…..

In July 29, 2001 , I was only three months away to join the military. When I was riding a bicycle to visit my cousin, I was suddenly run down by a truck.  I fell on the floor and went into a coma.  The truck driver was so scared and he was fainted because of this accident. When I was sent to the county hospital, the doctors were shocked by my situation and refused to accept me.  They sent me to another district hospital which was far far away.  The hospital vice chief decided to operate on me.  I was on the operation table for over 6 hours.  My liver was torn for over 7 mm.  After 7 days of observation, I was wrapped up like a sticky rice dumpling to be sent to the bone specialist department.  My right foot was broken.  Man’s ending is God’s beginning.  In the 40 days of my hospital stay, I had a total for 4 major surgeries. My life was finally preserved. There was much danger during my operation.  My right leg was prepared to be recovering.  My heart was in deep pain.  The most dreadful thing was that my face was totally destroyed.  Joining the military had therefore become an empty dream.  I was the major support of my family and I did know how to continue my life later on, not to mention my parents.

In the beginning of 2002, I went home to take care of my health.  I have a 15 year old brother who has decided to go to work to lessen the burden of our family.  Although we knew that this would hinder his maturing process, we had no choice because we could not carry the heavy burden of our debts.  When I was resting in my house, our neighbors had said many terrible things about us:  “You know, this family is cursed.  First their daughter died of cancer.  Then their mother had mental illness.  Now their son was run down by a truck…”  I wished to pick up a knife to kill them all.  We were neighbors in the same village for generations.  How could they say such terrible things about our family?  Human heart has no hope.  Praise God!  He led me through the valley of death!   He heals my body and at the same moment he comforts my soul.  My face began to recover.  I have deeply received Jesus into my heart and my life as my personal Savior!  In the same year during the Easter holidays, I was baptized.  At that moment, the Holy Spirit has touched me and I told God, “God, my life is yours.  I am willing to offer myself unto You!”

Thank God, he has heard my prayer.  4 months after I was baptized, I had an opportunity to join a theological school for training.

In January, 2003, I came to Guangzhou .  I began my 9 months intensive Bible school training.  I was the kind of person who had never left my home town.  I am also an introvert.  When I first arrived, I could not understand the language.  I could not even speak Mandarin.  I was timid even standing to speak in front of others.  During the process of training, God had prepared me spiritually.  He had also trained me many leadership skills.  After graduation, I began to work inside a factory as tentmakers.  God has led me step by step and helped me mature.  In 2004, I began to serve God full time.  I started a factory workers’ community center call Joyful Seed.  In this team ministry, I begin to serve workers from the poverty stricken villages and mountain areas.  I share God’s Word with them and count many blessing offered by Him!

       We are a group of poverty stricken people who are looked down by people in this world.  But God counts us precious in His sight!  God has healed me.  He let me have eternal life.  Now my face is exactly the same as before the truck accident.  The turnaround in my life has also touched my parents.  At the same moment, my home village has over a dozen new young converts in the faith.

      Now my family economic situation is still poor.  My brother and I are working outside.  My two elderly parents are at home.  Many young people in my village always come to visit them and help with their household chores.  They also sing worship songs with them. They also help with their elderly problems. Since the Lord’s love is with my parents, my house begins to fill with joy and peace.  Although we appear to be poor, we have possessed all the spiritual vantage.

   Now I know that in the poverty stricken mountainous areas in China , there are many families with similar experience.  Their lives have neither joy nor hope.  I asked God to plant the seed of the Gospel in their heart.  I hope that their parents would be like my parents to come to join this big Jesus family.  All of us would be able to enjoy His heavenly blessing!