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     Pacific Rim Foundation is a company located in Hong Kong, limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.  As a registered Hong Kong charity, its objectives are to advance education and relieve poverty in needy areas of the world with an emphasis on people intensive projects.  We focus on enabling those in need to improve their own purpose and quality of life.
     Pacific Rim Foundation desires to partner with developing nations.  We also desires to contribute to Asia and China's modernization and rapid development, and being enriched by mutal exchange of resources and cooperative efforts.
     Pacific Rim Foundation is committed to providing resources and services which prevent poverty, assist in economic and cultural development, leadership development and advancement of education.  We achieve these goals by facilitating international cooperative efforts in business, education, healthcare and other appropriate projects.  We also provide technical assistance through a variety of of consultancy programs.  We also act as consultants for-profit business and no-profit organizations to support these goals.

Organizations That Have Been Supporting Us (Donors):
Forever 21, Inc. 
Geneva Global
The Parker Foundation
Jetta Toys
Nordica International, Ltd.
Capable Toys
Quality of Life Association, Ltd.
First Fruit, Inc.
The A.I.M. Group
Isaac Bookstores
Chief Tech Electronics, Ltd.
Quantum Lighting Pro
Educational Services & Exchange with China
The Paul Heiss Family Foundation
The Stuart Foundation
Pac Rim Foundation
M*ssion Increase Foundation
Impact Fund
World Charitable Foundation
Captivating International Foundation, Ltd.
Isaac Charitable Foundation
China Solutions