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Faces Behind the Label - The Case of Migrant Workers Suicide
Dear Partners,

The faces of the migrant workers who are making our daily products such as furniture, clothing and other necessities are facing the biggest issues of life today.  Suicidal attempts become the major issues of these young factory workers in China. 
These “Faces Behind the Label” are the groups of people who we always forget and sometimes ignore.  Many of them are young people between the age of 16 to 30.  The lost of hope, the perplexity about city life and the search for meaning has become their youthful plight.  Their broken dreams are buried inside the machinery of the factories.  Their daily hours are invested into the endless assembly lines of goods and parts. They can stare daily at the clock but they cannot leave their post until the jobs are done.  They finally come to realize that they have become part of the machinery.

Suicides among Chinese factory workers more than doubled in the industrial south. The number of worker suicides in the Pearl River Delta in south China rose to 30 this year from 13 for all of 2009, Li Qiang, executive director of China Labor Watch. The New York-based group interviewed 201 people in China for information about individual suicide incidents among local workers, he said.

Twelve employees at the Shenzhen facilities of Hon Hai, the world’s biggest contract maker of electronics, committed suicide this year (as of May 27, 2010), prompting criticism from worker rights groups. It was the 10th such death and 12th such fall at the plant in Shenzhen this year. Two employees had survived their suicide attempts but sustained severe injuries.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Company, based in Taiwan, employs 800,000 people in China, 420,000 are stationed in Shenzhen. The company is also known as Foxconn Technology Group. They work shifts and live inside the massive factory complex. Foxconn makes computers, game consoles and mobile phones for companies including Apple Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., Sony Corp. and Nokia Corp.
By December 2010, we will plant a City Youth Center in the City of Shenzhen, our 2nd branch office in southern China.  This Youth Center will provide counseling service, hotline services to counsel the at-risk youth in Southern China.  The Youth Center will also provide a recreational area and some counseling rooms for group therapy and seminars for the young people in that city.  In cooperation with the local urban house groups, we will launch a training program for volunteer counselors and hotline counselors.  Shenzhen is a strategic city because it is right at the border of Hong Kong.  Many counseling professionals from Hong Kong will also join us in this project.  Please pray and help contribute to the success of this project.  We are sure we can of service to many factories and businesses in the neighborhood areas.

Best Regards,

Pacific Rim Foundation, Limited