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Dear Friends and Supporters,

The most important letter I have ever written!

.What do you do if you feel like your life is falling apart? If you feel you are losing everything you and your life stood for…..job, career, boy-friend, living quarter, and life security! As one human being to another I ask you –is there anything you can do to help someone feeling in total despair?

Thousands of young migrants in China today are faced with the task of rebuilding lives shattered by job and relationship breakdown.  I urgently need your help to ensure that the Pacific Rim Foundation is able to continue to help them pick up the pieces.

In China today thousands of young people are falling through the cracks in our system.  They are abandoned by their bosses and their love ones as lives carefully built over years dissolve, leaving them all too often with only a few dollars in their pockets - and unsure even if they will have a bed for the night.  In China, if a migrant loses a job in the cities, he/she also means losing their place of residence.  They have no residence in the city other than the dormitory provided by their employers. The only choice they have is either to go back home to their hometown or village or to look for another job.

Suicides among Chinese factory workers more than doubled in the industrial south. The number of worker suicides in the Pearl River Delta in south China rose to 30 in 2010 from 13 for all of 2009, Li Qiang says, executive director of China Labor Watch. Twelve employees at the Shenzhen facilities of Hon Hai (also called Foxconn), the world’s biggest contract maker of electronics, committed suicide in 2010, prompting criticism from worker rights groups. It was the 10th such death and 12th such fall at the plant in Shenzhen last year. Two employees had survived their suicide attempts but sustained severe injuries.

That’s why we started this City Youth Project (the Leadership Institute) in the city of Shenzhen, southern China.  We offer job referral service, educational programs and counseling services for these young migrants.

This is why it is so important that I ask for your help today. 

Pacific Rim Foundation is one of the few organizations in Mainland China where these migrants can look for help.  I need your kind donation of $500, $1,000 or even a generous gift of $5,000 or more to make sure we are able to offer the vital support to help these migrants come to terms with the crisis in their life and rebuild for a successful future.  You can become a partner of our Partnership Program by offering to donate HK$ 100,000 or more at one time.

I need to raise HK$200,000 to ensure that we are able to offer help when and where it is needed for as many migrants as possible.  Part of this fund is to hire a project manager to lead our staff team. And part of this fund is to hire professional counselors to counsel and provide emotional care for these young migrants.

Thankfully there is hope.   The Pacific Rim Foundation’s City Youth Project is a way out for these young people.  What it always is, is a safe and empathetic environment offering counseling, educational programs, recreational programs, therapeutic and learning activities as well as a process for moving forward.  
Pacific Rim Foundation
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