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Dear Partners in Prayer:
    Two weeks ago we’ve just returned from Israel with a short-term team from Beijing.  This team had a vision 10 years ago to work among the Jews in the land of Israel.  They are prepared to send people to Israel to learn Hebrew.  But they have to learn to speak and write English well first because the language school there uses English to teach the Hebrew language. This followings is an exerpt from my travel journal:
   “We arrived at Tel Aviv about midnight then took the taxi to Yaffa.  Yaffa was the place where Peter had a vision about God calling him to eat the unclean food (Acts 10), and then received the call to preach the gospel to the Gentiles.  Yaffo House, The Trumpet of Salvation’s headquarter was very close to the beach of Tel Aviv, by walking distance we could pass by the house where Peter had received the vision.  Yaffo House has already housed about over 20 volunteers from all over the world.  They are from Germany, U.K., Polland, S. Korea and China. 
The next Sunday we went up to the Sea of Galilee.  Galilee is such a huge fresh water lake that provides the major water need of the land of Israel.  We resided in a house with an open view of the Lake.  It is such a beautiful sight to see the Sea of Galilee where Jesus had called his disciples and began his healing and proclamation ministry here.  I was touched by the view of the Lake and began to pray for the salvation of the Jews here.  I prayed for God’s protection upon this nation and their wake-up call to receive the true Messiah as their Savior. In the following evening we went out to the pier area and sang some Hebrew songs.  It was the day in memory of the destruction of the Holy Temple; people were in Lamentation. (The Jews would stay home and read the Book of Lamentation with their families).  There were not so many people gathered at the pier area.  We then sang some Chinese songs and attracted a group of young people.
Today is the last day of July and we went up to Sif’s father’s farm to pick plums near the town of Nazareth.  About twenty of us worked on picking the “Black Diamond” plums from a row of tree for about 2 1/2 hour and we packed up about 60 boxes.  Sif’s brother drove up his pick-up truck and immediately delivered them to the market.  He gave us 2 boxes of plums. They tasted so good now we all understand why this is the place of milk and honey where they Lord has provided this piece of land for the Jews.  They were the fruits of our hard labor.  Everybody sweat and sweat until the sun dried up our clothes in the heat.”
Best Regards,    
Pacific Rim Foundation & the Consulting Team
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