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An Interview of a Mongolian Brother Tongchao Getu

--His testimony of transformation from a bar singer to a singing angel

Translated by Lu Wang

In the vast and boundless Prairie of Inner Mongolia, he was a lonely wandering soul.  He met Jesus at the moment when he was almost swallowed by death.  This turning point of his life changed him from a bar singer to a singing angel of God.  His name is Tongchao Getu whose stage name is Tong Yao. During the interview, he shared with the author about his past life of sins and confusion before he knew Jesus Christ; then his new life of joy and peace as a Christian.  He shared the Gospel in the bars and suffered conflicts and radicule from his friends and guests.  Thinking about his future, he said, “I will sing for God” , with his cheek running with tears of gratitude.

On the Way to become a singer in the bars

Being born in the 80’s, his family was as poor as most of his peers.  His grandfather was a folk artist, while his father was a soldier in the art troupe.  Because of the art-gene in his family, he showed his talent in art since he was very young.  However, his most favorite form of art is music.  As time goes by, he turned out to be a rebel and fell in love with girls.  Finally, he quit the very opportunity of taking the university entrance exam.  He described himself as underestimating everything in his life.

After graduation from high school, he endured the pain of life without his girlfriend as she was admitted to go to college.  Consequently, he decided to leave home to where his girl friend studied and lived with her there as a migrant worker.  During this period, he was invited by a manager of a bar to be the lead singer there.

Since he was young and gifted in music, he became well-known very soon.  Managers from other bars also invited him and the money paid for his singing turned out to be more and more.  As a result of becoming rich and famous, his character was corrupted by living a fallen private life.  He said that he always felt self-condemned feeling sorry for disappointing his girlfriend.  He was a non-believer at that time and was unaware of the sin of living together before marriage.  He often blamed himself, while still committing adultery ; for the environment of bars drove him to do so which he could not resist himself.  Just as what Apostle Paul said,  “I have the desire to do what is right, but I cannot carry it out.”

Meeting Jesus  

When he was famous in the bars of Inner Mongolia, he wanted to go to other cities for further development.  As a result, he left for Ningbo with his girlfriend.  He was more than 26 years old then and was dreaming about having a family living regularly.  But he was always irresolute and tend to follow his own feeling.  He even did not know how to deal with personal relationships.

Thus he went back to Hohhot alone leaving his girlfriend behind in Ningbo which made his private life more corrupt than before.  At this moment, he knew an American Christian who was introduced by one of his fans.  This Christian friend was not a minister in China, but sharing the gospel was part of his normal life.  Although brother Tong lived his life in a mess and had bad relationship with others, the America Christian was friendly to him and accepted him completely.  “I can feel his friendship”, he said.  The American Christian helped him in every aspect of his life.  Even if Tong called him at night, he also would come to meet him as soon as he could .  Thanks be to this Christian’s help in the dark period of his life.  Tong took steps out of lonely life.

Living in faith, the America Christian friend’s life of peace, freedom, happiness was a great witness for Tong.  But because of the temptation of sin, Tong felt that this kind of life was beyond his reach. During Christmas of that year, Tong’s girlfriend went back to Hohhot secretly in order to give him a big surprise and celebrate the festival with him.  But she was shocked that Tong already lived with another girl named Zhuola who has subsequently become his wife.  Soon after that, all his friends knew this affair and condemned Tong and the girl living with him.  At this time, he thought about Jesus and asked the America Christian if Jesus would take care of this thing.  Then Tong received positive answer from him.  He felt that Jesus was so amiable and he and his girl friend began to attend church.  His heart was so joyful that Jesus is in control of everything.

Therefore the America Christian prayed with Tong and Tong received Jesus as his personal Savior.  The prayer was partly about repentance and Tong felt so relax and happy.  He always felt that he was a terrible sinner and no one could free him.  But he knew Jesus has already bear all his sin.  Tong was still very sorry for what he did to his former girlfriend and he often prayed for her that he rather suffered for what she was going through.

Transformed from singer in bar to singing angel

Maybe the American Christian was an angel from God who accompanied him this though period of life.  Tong and Zhuola was baptized and the American Christian went back to his home in America. Then brothers and sisters in their fellowship had no one to lead them.  Tong had told the American Christian that he would serve this fellowship.

Because Tong’s past life experience, brothers and sisters refused to have Tong as their leader and no one wanted to come to the fellowship.  Then he went to another house group for fellowship and he began his church life in a house church.  Tong was taught in house church many rules that Christian should obey which made him felt uneasy.  He knew that Jesus was the only one who could understand him, then he began to write songs pouring out his emotion.  “I am singing for you” was written then which was leaded by the Holy Spirit.  Tong was also very grateful for the house church’s love and care and they held a holy wedding ceremony for him and Zhuola. 

Due to his friendship with former manager of the bar for which he worked, he went back to sing there.  But his faith changed him that he found himself had many conflict between his life and the work in bar.  Very soon, the manager noticed that Tong was not the one whom he knew before and he persuaded him that his faith should not swallow him.  And he replied, “I refuse to change back to who I was.”  Then he quit the job which the salary of more than 10 thousand per month.

He wrote many praise songs for God.  Some of his favorite songs are: “I will sing for you”, “The gate of heaven in my dream”, “The valley of tears”, “I want to sing for You”,  “That is my dream.”

I am singing for you

I am singing for you, may the whole world hear the song;

I am singing for you, no one can separate me from you;

I am singing for you, the love from you is so real;

I am singing for you, you are the spring of my life.

Your glory always shines on my face!

Comforting the sorrow in my heart and strengthen me!

I am strong in your arm!

Your hands leading me over mountains and oceans!

I am singing for you!

I am singing highly for you

People surrounding Tong always call him the “singing angel”.  Every time he hear it, he smile at them. He thought that is the expectation from brothers and sisters and maybe God use this name to remind him being the “Heavenly Worshiper” and the vision of singing for God.